Our main principle is SIMPLICITY: easy to use, easy to maintain.

Vendiboard is smart devices equipped with large touch screens and built-in telemetry systems.

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ICE 360

The ice cream vending machine is designed for installation both indoors and outdoors. Holds 360 to 460 servings of ice cream. Equipped with a super bright touch screen and contactless payment system.

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Drying towels vending machines for self-service car washes, fitness centers and gym.

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BIG 700

Multi-purpose vending machine with unlimited number of easily mounted modules and only one withdrawal area.

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Ultra slim vending machine with wall mounting system

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UNI 2000

Multi-purpose vending machine in cutting-edge design.


Web-based control panel for all devices from any computer or phoneBuilt-in telemetry systemContactless payment system


40% to 70% higher load density due to Unique patented dispensing system without ""old style"" springsModular design for quick replacement of components directly at the installation site

User experience

Large touch screen 24-43”Maximum showcase areaIssuance of goods at a convenient heightSimple and clear purchase process - unique UIX design

We turn every technical solution into an advantage for the end user and the owner of the device.