Vendiboard is a new generation of vending machines that sell your products.
We design and manufacture hardware and software for vending and other automated systems.


5 reasons to start selling more with vending machines


New sales channel as close as possible to a client.


Full access to data and statistics online and remote control of sale companies.


Sales 24/7.


Promote your brand by self-advertising.


● Become an OwnerInvest in equipment with a short payback period and get the maximum margin. Collect all data and manage sales companies online.● Become a SupplierInvest in marketing and let your existing distribution network grow. Deliver your goods to vending machines of different owners. Minimum investment strategy for building a new sales channel.

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Development of equipment design for various tasks and working conditions. Including refrigeration and freezing equipment.

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Development for remote access and complex integrations.


Serial, small-size, prototypes.


Supply and maintenance of equipment

Software for remote access and management

Help in building a vending network

Customization of equipment for your product and requests



When creating the company, we encountered a lack of vending solutions suitable for our tasks on the market. And then we decided to independently create and produce vending equipment both in series and for individual market needs.
Vendiboard was founded by a team of development engineers united around the idea of ​​creating vending equipment that meets the challenges of our time in terms of design, reliability and IT solutions.
Our company is a reflection of our country of Ukraine in its strength, originality and desire to be in the EU family. Through our product, we bring to the European market the spirit and values ​​of Ukrainian entrepreneurs, designers, engineers, programmers and workers.


EVA is a pan-European association of coffee and vending machine manufacturers and a guide to standards and data about our sector for members and relevant stakeholders.Vendiboard joins the EVA as a Full Member since September 2022.